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Transformation of teacher training in a rapidly evolving digital environment


Today the increasing level of technology in education requires corresponding skills from the teachers. However, they often do not have them. The purpose of the study is to explore the problem of digital competence of rising teachers and provide recommendations for its improvement. The study generally describes the widespread use of digital tools in the classroom, namely the current situation, barriers and prospects associated with it. The research was conducted using a digital questionnaire that was sent to respondents by e-mail. The survey involved 117 people: 85 university students and teachers. The results showed that today there is every reason to actively introduce digital technologies in educational institutions. Thus, 100% of the respondents have and can use various devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.); 74% of participants consider it appropriate to introduce digital tools into the educational process. However, only 31% of respondents believe that they have been properly trained in their educational institutions, which would allow them to apply the above technologies in the classroom. The research results can be of interest to those who develop plans for the digitalization of educational institutions, teachers, creators of digital tools and learning programs. This article describes both current problems and possible solutions.


Quantitative Studie, Lehrpersonen, Lehrerbildung


Shurygin, Viktor, Ryskaliyeva, Roza, Dolzhich, Elena, Dmitrichenkova, Svetlana, Ilyin, Alexander (2022). Transformation of teacher training in a rapidly evolving digital environment. Springer VS, Education and Information Technologie, 27, 3361-3380.

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