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Teaching from a Social Distance

Teacher Experiences in the Age of COVID-19


This study explores the experiences of current Pre-K through 12 teachers in South Texas school districts and their immediate need to transition from a traditional classroom setting to virtual instruction as a result of the worldwide health crisis response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Using naturalistic inquiry, this qualitative study transcribed and coded participant interviews to reveal several themes: teachers work hard and adapt, teachers need students, parents, each other, and our trust and confidence, teachers worry, and yet, teachers persevere. The findings of this study tell of teachers' impressive tenacity to persist in the face of multiple adversities. As a result the findings provide additional insight for education stakeholders as to the intricacies of the teaching profession and its added complexities in times of crisis.


Distance-Schooling, International, Lehrpersonen, Qualitative Studie, USA


Varela, Daniella G., Fedynich, LaVonne C. (2021). Teaching from a Social Distance. Teacher Experiences in the Age of COVID-19, Research in Higher Education Journal, 39.

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