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Crisis of Confidence

Results of National Surveys on Educator Morale during a Pandemic


A series of six nationally-representative K-12 educator surveys conducted by the EdWeek Research Center between March and June of 2020 assessed perceptions of morale rates over time for students, teachers, hourly employees, and administrators. On every survey, a majority of teachers and district leaders reported that student, teacher, and hourly employee morale was lower than it had been prior to the pandemic. Without adequate intervention, the student and educator morale crisis occasioned by the pandemic may linger long after the threat of the virus itself has faded.


Distance-Schooling, International, Kinder- und Jugendalter allgemein, Lehrpersonen, Quantitative Studie, Schulleitungen, USA


EdWeek Resarch Center (2020). Crisis of Confidence. Results of National Surveys on Educator Morale during a Pandemic.

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