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What Impact Is the Pandemic Having on Post-Secondary Teachers and Staff?


Almost overnight in mid-March 2020, academic staff at universities and colleges across the country transitioned to remote teaching to ensure the education continuity of over 2 million students during the public health emergency. Campuses were closed down, shuttering labs, and stalling research. Libraries, in some cases, initially stayed open, then were also closed due to health and safety concerns. Big picture questions loom about the safe return to campuses and the short, medium and long-term impacts of the pandemic on post-secondary education and the working lives of academic staff. To explore how academic staff were reacting to the crisis, the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) surveyed its members, using crowdsourcing data collection, between May 13 and June 12, 2020. The goal was to get a snapshot of the impact of the pandemic on CAUT members' workload, teaching, research and mental health. Members were asked about supports and resources needed to help them through the crisis and about their feelings about the future. Lastly, they were asked questions of identity, contract and job type to see if these may be factors in differing perspectives. Over 4,300 academic staff participated in the survey, with representation from all provinces. The results highlighted in this document offer valuable insights on the experiences of participants.


International, Kanada, Lebenssituation, Lehrpersonen, Quantitative Studie


Canadian Association of University Teachers (2020). What Impact Is the Pandemic Having on Post-Secondary Teachers and Staff?.

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