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The Problems Faced by Teachers in Turkey during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Their Opinions


The aim of this research is to reveal the problems faced by teachers in the education period during COVID-19 pandemic and to discuss their opinions regarding the process. As one of the qualitative research methods, the phenomenology pattern was used in the research. The study group consists of 80 teachers selected by using purposeful criterion sampling technique who work at public and private schools in different provinces of Turkey in 2019-2020 academic year. Within the context of the results of this study, it is observed that EBA TV/education portal plays an important role in meeting the educational needs of students and ensuring the continuity of education in COVID-19 pandemic process. Considering the themes and opinions that stand out in the context of teachers' opinions, EBA TV/education portal is considered positive while there are problems with content, presentation and connection. According to the findings, the most common problems faced by the teachers during COVID-19 pandemic are students' technical and hardware problems related to the internet connection, the inability of students to maintain their motivation to learn, the inability of parents to create a learning environment, and the lack of their support at home for their children. The majority of teachers have the opinion that the psychology of the students has been negatively affected during COVID-19 pandemic process, but there are also the students who could adapt to this process. An important finding in this study is that teachers think that their colleagues do not have necessary skills to use technology and they are low in motivation to use distance education technologies. Teachers think that after COVID-19 pandemic, things shall not be the same as before; the importance of school, teachers and face-to-face education shall be recognized again, and blended learning methods shall come to the fore.


Distance-Schooling, International, Lehrerbildung, Lehrpersonen, Qualitative Studie, Türkei


Aytaç, Tufan (2021). The Problems Faced by Teachers in Turkey during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Their Opinions. International Journal of Progressive Education, 17, 404–420.

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