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Novice Teachers in a Changing Reality


The aims of this paper are to explore novice teachers? experiences in the Covid-19 crisis, and to examine their professional identity construction process. During the global crisis, novice teachers had to deal with unexpected challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. This study is based on 32 narratives of novice teachers in Israel who took part in a one semester online Zoom induction in two workshops. The open conversations narratives in the meetings were recorded and transcribed, and then subjected to categorical content analysis. The findings show the challenges and opportunities related to three central categories: technological, pedagogical and educational system in the novice teachers? experiences. The main contributions of this study are: understanding the novice teachers? experiences in the uncertainty and turmoil of the crisis, and learning about professional dilemmas and tensions which gave rise to various challenges and opportunities that that supported the construction their professional identity.


Distance-Schooling, International, Israel, Lehrpersonen, Qualitative Studie


Dvir, Nurit, Schatz-Oppenheimer, Orna (2020). Novice Teachers in a Changing Reality. Routledge, European Journal of Teacher Education, 43, 639–656.

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