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Educating at a Distance

A Redistribution of Roles


This educational white paper is being written in the wake of school closures resulting from the CoVid-19 pandemic. As the necessity for distance learning has become apparent in order to reduce the spread of CoVid-19, the burden of the education of school children has shifted from teachers to parents. In this white paper, the author examines the components of instruction, the degree of shift in each, challenges associated with each, and proffers recommendations for schools and parents to manage these changes. Instructional and social-emotional components of education are discussed. Surveys of students and parents, observational feedback, and analysis of work produced, are employed to target problems and viable solutions and recommendations are made in regard to these findings.


Distance-Schooling, International, Kinder- und Jugendalter allgemein, Quantitative Studie, USA


McGuinness, Carmen (2020). Educating at a Distance. A Redistribution of Roles.

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