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Research in Distance Learning in Greek Kindergarten Schools during the Pandemic of Covid-19

Possibilities, Dilemmas, Limitations


Recently, and in the circumstances created due to COVID-19, it has been established that new conditions have been created for almost the entire educational potential of the country. The closing of schools created new data and difficulties that had to be overcome in order to continue the educational activity and the general pedagogical process and in these new data the use and development of electronic means of communication was inevitable In particular, the field of pre-school education, kindergarten teachers were called upon to respond to even more difficult challenges and difficulties, taking into account the age of the students (4-6 years) and the objective inability to approach the electronic forms of education. The purpose of this paper is first to describe the main objectives and conditions for distance education and then it will be presented a research that took place in kindergartens schools of 3rd region in Athens during the closing period of schools due to COVID-19. In this research was tried to explore perceptions, possibilities, and limitations regarding the implementation distance learning in kindergarten schools.


Distance-Schooling, Frühkindliche Bildung, Griechenland, International, Kinder im Vorschulalter, Quantitative Studie


Foti, Paraskevi (2020). Research in Distance Learning in Greek Kindergarten Schools during the Pandemic of Covid-19. Possibilities, Dilemmas, Limitations, European Journal of Open Education and E-learning Studies.

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